27 April 2010

Back to School

Getting excited for school. This will be my first time to enroll in college at my age right now - don't ask what is it if you want me to be your friend! hahaha (no worries I still look like the normal college kids at school -LOOKING YOUNG). Enrollment will be 2 days more from now already. I believe it's not too late for me yet. That is my strong will because I know God has prepared something for me in the future despite of the circumstances I had been through. Because life is a matter of "WHAT YOU SOW YOU WILL REAP". And I had been planting seeds that will glorify my Father in heaven.
One month more to wait before classes starts. So excited to meet new faces that will become my new friends or maybe business partners days from now. My heart right now was filled with so much joy. Overwhelmed with the blessings that I received each day. Truly God is amazing! He is the King of all Kings that works in our lives only if you have a covenant to His governance. Hail to the King that will lead me to the garden of Eden... My future awaits at the palm of His hands... Live by faith not by sight!

16 April 2010

Medical Transportation


LMAO! hahahaha it just turned my day blissful! Wanna share the joy this video brought me. Watch and enjoy...

15 April 2010

Courtney Love Prefers Gosling, McAvoy to Play Kurt

Now that her manager denied rumors that Twilight star Robert Pattinson had been cast as Kurt Cobain in an upcoming biopic, Courtney Love is suggesting her own ideas.

"Isn't that so stupid? Who would cast him?" Love told The Canadian Press about the idea of Pattinson player her late husband. "That's just wrong, no offense."

So who would Love approve in a film portrayal of the Nirvana story? Scottish actor James McAvoy (Atonement) is one of her picks -- and so is Ryan Gosling (Lars and the Real Girl), who comes equipped with rocker credentials after dropping a debut album with his band Dead Man's Bones last fall. SPIN was on hand for the band's first gig, calling the performance "astoundingly good."

But whoever gets cast, it seems unlikely that the Hole frontwoman (and recent SPIN cover star) would ever see the final performance: Love said the film would be too difficult for her to watch.

Instead, she says she'd like to have Trudie Styler -- Sting's wife and a film producer who helped bring several Guy Richie films to the big screen, as well as last year's indie hit, Moon -- involved in the project for quality control purposes.

reference: http://www.spin.com/articles/courtney-love-prefers-gosling-mcavoy-play-kurt?utm_source=spinfacebook&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=spinfacebook

14 April 2010

Righteousness in the Heart

Today I was thinking of what will I have for my blog. I felt kinda bored and sleepy while at work. There is this site that I frequently visit for forum and other references and it just came across my mind, "Righteousness in the heart produces beauty in the character. " I said to myself what an inspiring word to start your day always beautiful and motivational to do all things well.

The beauty of character speaks the language of our soul. It tells who really we are as a person. This cannot be taught at school nor by anyone else. This is acquired through learning process in life called experience. Because it says that the best teacher is experience, so it makes one of the reason that helps us do the right things. We learned to acknowledge our own mistakes by convicting our selves not to do wrong. This brings me the thought of no matter who you are, from where you came from, whether you are poor or rich what matters most is really what you have in your heart. Because this will bring you to your future and gives you many reason to appreciate everything in life. Bottom line the beauty of your character is the key to your success.

13 April 2010

Shutter Island

for the plot of this film refer to this link

Mind freaking! After I watched this movie I felt like I also lost my sanity. This is a must see movie. There were two lines from this film that captured most of my attention. It is when Leonardo (Teddy Daniels/Andrew Laedies) said
"We saw of what human beings are capable of doing with each other." And "
would it be worse to live as a monster or die as a good man".

My point of view in here in the most simplest way is that, there are people who really exist to cause harm and danger to other people.
It seems like in the real world today the purpose of our existence refers to dying as a hero or living life and cause problem to the community.

Which one indeed is much more appropriate? For my own understanding I better die as a good person for this will bring motivation to my fellow men to do good things. Because life is base on a principle of what you sow you will reap so as the same with the golden rule. This learning maybe far from the story of Shutter Island but this is what I got from the film.

I recommend to watch this film! enjoy and become freak too!

03 April 2010

A Salute to History Maker


Let us support Bangon Pilipinas Movement!

Redeeming the land from its lost due to corruption and unrighteous leaders. Making a history to glorify the Almighty. Once a leader is righteous so the county will be. Pilipinas may pag-asa ka pa!

02 April 2010

Remedy for back pain

It's almost 12mn. I am not done yet fixing my things inside the closet. I have to give some space for my brother's stuff. My back is aching and it hurts. But an idea came up. Ice cream choco flavor yummy for remedy... Ice cream anyone? will continue with what I am doing now. Ciao!