13 April 2010

Shutter Island

for the plot of this film refer to this link

Mind freaking! After I watched this movie I felt like I also lost my sanity. This is a must see movie. There were two lines from this film that captured most of my attention. It is when Leonardo (Teddy Daniels/Andrew Laedies) said
"We saw of what human beings are capable of doing with each other." And "
would it be worse to live as a monster or die as a good man".

My point of view in here in the most simplest way is that, there are people who really exist to cause harm and danger to other people.
It seems like in the real world today the purpose of our existence refers to dying as a hero or living life and cause problem to the community.

Which one indeed is much more appropriate? For my own understanding I better die as a good person for this will bring motivation to my fellow men to do good things. Because life is base on a principle of what you sow you will reap so as the same with the golden rule. This learning maybe far from the story of Shutter Island but this is what I got from the film.

I recommend to watch this film! enjoy and become freak too!

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