04 January 2008

New Year

At this very moment we are having a technical problem with our system here at the office. So we think of this will be a bad time for as all, no internet connection so all we can give is a big sigh. I saw a newspaper at the corner of my officemate’s table. I grabbed it and have a relaxing seat and read a page. My attention caught me to read a column Parent Life. It leaded me to New Year, New Life. It was quoted then, “When disappointments come one’s way and a caring presence lends a shoulder to lean on, it’s easy to go for ones failed dreams. In it’s place, instead, is the priceless gift of a good person who strengthened you when you felt very down”.

The previous year was a real tough, roller coaster life for me. My world turns to be upside down, which made me, believe that it’s the end of my days. I never will forget that the awful truth in life is that people will love and cherish you for all the good things you have done for them but will hate you for one mistake. What gives me an interest from this column of Business Mirror was, yes truly indeed life is a matter of consuming emotions. Criticisms from people around you, failed relationships and circumstances are just few of the reasons you felt being pulled down. To top it all, are the people that really wants you to be down will make you felt incomplete. But all of these have taught me to become a better person. It says from the column that whatever people may think about you, be against you, it doesn’t matter for it is only yourself who really knew about you. To be easy and cool, you have just to think of, it is just their story anyway. So life has to move on. Be more optimistic and think on the positive ways. I will never forget someone had told me that, I have to calm down, meditate and think positively before doing an action. Think of possible results that may happen with your decisions.

I remember those days that I was really down; I was blessed of the people who supported me all the way to moving on. Inspiring words and motivation gives me enough reason to continue living and know myself better. I will never forget of one has said “You had been really brave and tough Marj, you’re such a nice person, at your age you had a lot of wisdom, I believe in you, you had been a great mom.” This doesn’t mean that I am giving glory to myself, but it helps me understand my worth of being a human as well as knowing my purpose of existence. Life isn’t a bed of roses. But it is a journey of snake pits on the road that there is really a two legged serpent that will pull you down. So this means you really have to live life in faith, not by sight.

For now, I have to know where to start to pick up the broken pieces of me. Have to set goals and be prepared for more life’s dilemmas and must be firm in facing risks and challenges. With all this, God’s power will be my armor that I will become a victor of His battle, my new life in His presence.