29 March 2010

First layout in year 2007

This are the first sets of layout I did using Adobe Photoshop CS2 back in year 2007.

Church Anniversary

Another layout I did. This was for a church anniversary last year 2009 as requested by my aunt. Used royalty free images and some of their church activities pictures as well from my brother's activities in Manila. Refer to down right corner, they are my cousins Christian and Danica during their special number at their church.

Arriana's Christening

My work of art! hehehe this is the only art work that I knew. Used Adobe Photoshop CS4.
Just don't let me draw anything using a pen. I am bad with it. =)

Christening of my niece on April 4, 2010.
Arriana Ysabella E. Ramirez.
She is the daughter of my cousin Pearl.

28 March 2010

Good night good morning

Another day has come to end. When you look at the calendar we are about to finish the first trimester of year 2010. Goodness! What does it mean? Days gone so fast or you can't just simply accept for the fact that we are no longer getting any younger anymore??? hahahaha

Anyway good night good morning people! It's Sunday today should supposed to have my off to work tomorrow but got no choice but sigh.... See you world tomorrow! mwaaaaaaaaaaa God speed =)

27 March 2010

12 Years after....

After 12 years.....

hmmmm I can still remember when I was at the age of 9. I kept telling my self someday when I grow up I wanna become a lawyer, I wanna become a journalist, I wanna become a teacher and to top it all, I wanna become a super model! yeah right no kidding aside :D I really mean to say that. But that there is this thing that I did cherish always even after 12 years.

I remember entering the classroom on the first day of school during 3rd grade. New faces, new seat, new school, new teacher perhaps new friends. I felt kinda bored cause everything was new to me but apparently as days goes by, being unaware I was then enjoying the new crowd I am into. Then the school year ends so does a new one comes. I did spent three years at this school only. Not that long enough to received a loyalty award. But what makes sense, I haven't realized not until after 12 years that I had gained true friends.

To be honest I am not really good in having all those memories stored in my mind. But I can picture it out those faces I shared with all the years I studied at Kapitan Tomas Monteverde Sr. Central Elementary School. Each school year I saw new faces coming at school. All I can remember was everyone was trained both academically and non-academically. There is the choir, the dance troop (which I never dared to attend with, my my I was born with no how in dancing hehehe) and all other clubs. There is that P.E. uniform that we hated much! :D I remember this wow brigade back on 5th grade if I am not mistaken. Wearing the green and red vest lining up in the street to make the vehicles stop during the flag ceremony everyday. The camping, the regional event for schools press conference, the Home Economics subject and other extra curricular activities. The portable canteen in our classrooms which is very inovative. In one tray you can choose anything you wanna buy for your snacks. :D Plus! Our special assignment assigned by Mrs. Lacuesta. The divided wooden floor of the corrigdor equally shared to all of us. The winner is the one who's place shines so bright! There is the garden, the rest room which where I was assigned. Making sure no one will enter their shoes inside or else hmp! hehehehe... It was so fun! I enjoyed it a lot.

April 4, 1997 our last day at school as gradutes of the school year 1996-1997. So we are from Grade 6 Sun batch '97. After 12 years, who we are now? I really didn't expect it that after 12 years we still knew each other. Same old faces except some where more than physically fit than me (love you guys! :D) hmmmm some has the might in height and others..... never mind in short cute and still looking young. Well come to think of it most of us are at the of 25 what will you expect then.... :D

So many things to cherish. Those friendship we had shared outside and inside the classroom. It was just a little surprise when we had this gathering. Talking, sharing all those moments we had together. hmmmm I can only remember few but for others there were many. But it makes me feel so happy! For now I may not have enough words to describe all those years we had together. But getting back to after 12 years, yes I did have friends that I can cherish forever. Some may have to leave us to seek for greener pasture ( don't forget the pasalubong guys! :D) that doesn't mean it is parting of ways for good and never to come back. This 12 years after for is not the end. But it is the beginning of what may future will bring us. This is just the starting line of the race to goal for success in everything in life that we can share to each and everyone of us.

To my bacthmates, good luck... see you at the top! If there is one person whom who believes in you guys that you can do it by God's will, that first person will be me. Like I had always believe since the first day we met. You had become a part of my life that I consider you all more than my friends but like a family. Stay blessed and God speed... KTMSCES Grade 6 Sun Batch '97

26 March 2010

It's You My Lord

Holy is Your name most high
Worship You my Lord my King my only God
Only in Your presence is where I wanna be
To feel your love and warm embrace

Cause it's You
It's You my Lord my only God my everything
I wanna lift Your name on high.

Though many times I failed
Your love will still remain
Hallelujah Almighty God how great is Your name
Nothing else I wanna do but to give You praises

I will dance with joy
Bring with praises and gladness
Hallelujah Your kingdom Lord will reign forevermore

This is my first composition. I do not have the recording posted in here. I am not that pro... hehehe but I have it as a ring tone for my phone.


It's been so long since I last visited my blog site... hmmmm had been busy with other stuff... and now I'm back! So what's new?

This year will do more planning for business, career and school. Looking forward for more greater opportunities and blessings... Hope to hear some good news from you guys. Until next time...