27 April 2010

Back to School

Getting excited for school. This will be my first time to enroll in college at my age right now - don't ask what is it if you want me to be your friend! hahaha (no worries I still look like the normal college kids at school -LOOKING YOUNG). Enrollment will be 2 days more from now already. I believe it's not too late for me yet. That is my strong will because I know God has prepared something for me in the future despite of the circumstances I had been through. Because life is a matter of "WHAT YOU SOW YOU WILL REAP". And I had been planting seeds that will glorify my Father in heaven.
One month more to wait before classes starts. So excited to meet new faces that will become my new friends or maybe business partners days from now. My heart right now was filled with so much joy. Overwhelmed with the blessings that I received each day. Truly God is amazing! He is the King of all Kings that works in our lives only if you have a covenant to His governance. Hail to the King that will lead me to the garden of Eden... My future awaits at the palm of His hands... Live by faith not by sight!

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