17 May 2008

Shadow of Perfection

Seeing myself in a chance of lack
To be on someone’s embrace
Leads me to know that in a distance
I will be lost in confusion.

In silence I keep the emptiness
Where in my sorrow tells the language of my soul.
As darkness delves in the totality of my being,
Helplessness came my way for me to fell down on my knees.

Wondering when will be the end of laughter that never exist.
For in reality happiness is,
Just an illusion of a shadow of perfection.


Something’s playing on my mind right now. I remember someone close to me said that I am spoiling him of giving so many compliments about him. I came to realize that he was wrong about it. For me compliments are just one of the reasons that will help you become a better person. Meaning, those are just the things that will motivate and build a character of success in your individuality. But for some it is mistakenly misunderstood. Compliments bring out the pride in their selves and give them the reason to self glorification which then leads to self destruction. By that time being unaware, they already had given selfishness the authority to rule over their personality.

At that point, many are lost in their way of knowing where they are heading for. If it is for success or failure. Instead of having those chances grow and be molded to become someone who can be called one of a kind, they missed the opportunity to the reality of great awareness in knowing the uniqueness of creation of mankind.

Truly each has its own understanding what compliments will bring them for their tomorrow. It is in their own way of seeing how things work when being complimented. But for me it inspires me to become more successful.

Compliments are tools for success and not for self glorification. It is the key towards reality that you are being created by our Father in heaven with a purpose. A purpose for us to become worthy at His presence.

01 May 2008

I'm glad...

I am out of words. I am laughing out loud to myself of not remembering my password for this account. It took me for almost 3months on tyring to reset my password... stupid me!!!
(no comment please!!) hehehehe Well, I am glad I am back here again... Miss the old days...