20 July 2007


A great lesson I have learned...

Miscommunication has always been a reason for misunderstandings. Which is commonly people can't accept that it is a fact. Simply because their conviction is apparently is some what been tortured. The feeling of guilt indeed that a person couldn't just say that he or she is wrong. What is good is that, if we can easily say we are wrong, then it's easy to forgive. We don't stay as a child, we grow up and so it must be on how we think and act. Having a right concept and mind setting leads you to learn how to set right priorities because in such way you are always in focus.

11 July 2007

After almost a month

Wow, I had just realized that it was almost a month since I last visited my blog. Those were my busy days that I even can't afford to get enough sleep. Well, so many things to remember even the worst...

In life both for your ups and downs, there has always been a reason for everything of why this and that happened. But in times when I think I am lost and couldn't find my self, I always say to myself that this is it, another day to celebrate. Ironic may it sound, but this is how I face challenges. I take the risk of winning over for the battle of so called life's misery.

It's hard to be left alone hanging without knowing the real reason of why there must be letting go and giving up. But after, every great storm there is always a rainbow in the horizon if you know how to search the real treasure at its end, you will find it there your eternal bliss. (funny, I haven't found it yet) It's like that is how you will know where to pick up yourself again when your lost.

We are living in circumstances. We are destined for it for it is how God will mold us to become victor of circumstance. There is a need to get through the hole of a needle to conquer everything for His glory.

This is life, through ups and downs. Never forget to bless His name. Believe so that in Him nothing is impossible.