14 April 2010

Righteousness in the Heart

Today I was thinking of what will I have for my blog. I felt kinda bored and sleepy while at work. There is this site that I frequently visit for forum and other references and it just came across my mind, "Righteousness in the heart produces beauty in the character. " I said to myself what an inspiring word to start your day always beautiful and motivational to do all things well.

The beauty of character speaks the language of our soul. It tells who really we are as a person. This cannot be taught at school nor by anyone else. This is acquired through learning process in life called experience. Because it says that the best teacher is experience, so it makes one of the reason that helps us do the right things. We learned to acknowledge our own mistakes by convicting our selves not to do wrong. This brings me the thought of no matter who you are, from where you came from, whether you are poor or rich what matters most is really what you have in your heart. Because this will bring you to your future and gives you many reason to appreciate everything in life. Bottom line the beauty of your character is the key to your success.

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